We’re back tonight with #SOMAWESOME! 🙌🏽 This one goes to three young entrepreneurs in our community:

“A lot of people may know us for the “MAPSO” sweatshirts - and we’re currently sampling a new collection that will go on sale soon too. We recently launched "The Market" which gives locals the chance to sell their clothing through us. This is exciting as it keeps quality product (and money) in the community instead of with bigger companies,” says Ethan Pidgeon, Thomas Dandino, and Adam Krakower, all seniors at Columbia High School, and the founders of @mapsosupply.


So, what exactly is Mapso Supply? Mapso Supply began as a class project, but soon grew into entrepreneurship for the three founders. Established in 2015, Ethan, Thomas, and Adam have grown Mapso Supply tremendously, now bringing quality vintage clothing to you for the best price, through their website and Instagram.

They’ve organized two flea markets at CHS - the second time they raised funds with the CHS Environmental Club, and as they work on the third one, they’re planning a clothing drive for those in need.

mapso supply

And they’re not stopping there…they’re making Earth Day t-shirts, donating 100% of profits to the South Mountain Conservancy in hopes of protecting outdoor spaces in our community. Look for the T’s in the coming week - check @mapsosupply for details.

In addition to running Mapso Supply, Ethan was a captain of the CHS soccer team, Tom is a captain of the CHS lacrosse team, and Adam plays ultimate frisbee at CHS. Adam + Ethan were former presidents of Future Business Leaders of America at CHS, and ran the school store. This fall, they’re all headed to college: Ethan to Northeastern University, Tom to Haverford College, and Adam to Indiana University. All three will be studying business in some form (congrats, guys!!).

“People may be surprised that it’s not about the money for us. We try to be strategic, 100% of our profits are reinvested.”

Thanks to @mapsosupply - @livelovemaplewood followers get a discount code 15% off online: LIVELOVEMAPSO on through Sunday April 14!